October 25, 2016

The only 2 income methods in existence

At a fundamental level, there are only two income methods that exist.

  1. Positive Sum Income
  2. Zero Sum Income


The golden rule

The first rule of income is understanding that human beings are the only creatures on earth who believe in the concept of money. So if you’d love to generate income, realize that you’re only going to get it from other humans.

This sounds insultingly obvious, yet in coaching thousands of followers on Snapchat (follow: loopylitez) I speak with people every day who are not grounded in this reality. Many people still think money is somehow going to come from a magic black box computer algorithm system that they purchase online after being promised massive riches in short periods of time. Even online income generation methods have a human element. You can ONLY get income from other humans.


So how do you obtain income from others?

  1. Either have them willingly transfer it to you (Positive Sum)
  2. Beat them at a game you’ve both agreed to play (Zero Sum)


Postive Sum

Positive Sum income is generated by providing a product or service that others need and want.

Examples include:

  • Having a regular 9-5 job
  • Creating a business that serves others
  • Selling clothes online
  • Opening a restaurant
  • Creating a stall at the markets
  • Being a salesman
  • Inventing and selling a gadget
  • Creating an app
  • Writing a book
  • Entertaining people (comedy, online vlogs etc)


zero Sum

Zero Sum income is generated by playing a game with others, where you both agree to the rules, and you beat them consistently over time through skill and experience.

Examples include:


Tips and Tricks

Having now built 7 primary income streams that collectively generate 7 figures per year in both Postive and Zero sum methodologies, here’s my top 3 tips and tricks for both Positive Sum and Zero Sum businesses:

Postive Sum Tips

    1. Start with what you love doing, something you’re good at and something you’re a leader in. Ask others in that space what they need.
    2. Create a product or service that allows you to solve people’s problems and contribute positively to their lives.
    3. Do what you love and love what you do. The love you put into serving your clients will correlate to the amount of money you make.

Zero Sum Tips

    1. Learn the rules of the game, inside out and back-to-front. Don’t dabble. Don’t make it a hobby. Make it a business.
    2. Learn to control your emotions. Your mathematical edge in profitable Zero Sum businesses can be learned in weeks. The mindset component could take years.
    3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find a formula, strategy or system that comes with coaching and invest in accelerating your results. Try starting here.


Learn More

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October 17, 2016


Take a look at EURJPY DAILY CHART.

We have what looks to be a 3-month triangle pattern that has just broken out to the upside.

If you remember from our last Chart Watch Wednesday, we mentioned that we do not like to trade pattern breaks because the probability of the trade isn’t as high as trading the break & retest of the pattern.

With that being said here is a live example of what we’re talking about. After the triangle broke out to the upside we seem to be pulling back to retest the 2 downward sloping trend lines and the 50 EMA that have both been very well respected. This area also lines up with the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement area and coincides with the bullish MACD as well.

Some deceleration and bullish candlesticks patterns at this confluence area could be what starts the move to the upside in this pair.


October 5, 2016

Avoid Trading


This is something new traders have a hard time understanding. Oftentimes, a newbie will think that because high impact news announcements creates larger price movements, that they’ll make more profit.

More often, what happens is that price goes in favor of the trader, triggers him into the position, and then shortly after (due to volatility), he gets stopped out. Only to see the trade go back in his favor once the hype of the news announcement dies off.

There will always be another trade, therefore we see no point in risking our precious capital on a trade subject to such volatility.

Infinite Prosperity we never trade 24H before NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) or any Central Bank related news (Speeches, Rate decisions, Minutes).

This tip has saved us money time and time again, and we are sure it will do the same for you.

October 5, 2016




We have what looks to be a clean 1-year triangle pattern

The fact that this has been forming for a such a long time increases the significance and reliability of the pattern. Triangles usually breakout after the pattern is 70% complete.

In Infinite Prosperity we don’t trade breakouts (per se) because the probability of success when trading the breakout isn’t as high as the probability of success when waiting for the breakout + retest.

We are not in this trade as of yet, but as outlined above we will look at potential setups as soon as we see a breakout and retest of the triangle.

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October 5, 2016

Support & Challenge

Support & Challenge, Ease & Difficulty and every other duality in life is conserved and balanced. They’re one in the same, separated into the conscious and unconscious mind by the limited perceptions of individuals. Learn to love your challenges! Within them lie your most powerful opportunities.


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