September 22, 2016

Forex Correlation Analysis Method


In this Snapchat story, Lewis shares an old currency correlation analysis method he used for weekly market prep.

This routine harnesses the universal law of the one and the many, splitting single pairs into many currencies and running many technical confluence factors over them before merging the data back into one high probability pair bias.

Using the same law, the lesson eventually moved into the deeper realm of mental and emotional awareness.

As we say time and time again in the Infinite Prosperity course, to master the market, you must first master your own mind.

For more information on “the law of the one and the many”, watch this video.

September 18, 2016

Rise Above

The challenges we face and the way in which we face them sculpt us into the people we become. Find a way to be grateful for your struggles rather than resenting them. 14333088_1085518768163004_1356326874429587944_n

September 18, 2016

1 on 1 Mentoring



The next generation of coaching within the Infinite Prosperity community is here.

Infinite Prosperity: 1 on 1 Mentoring has [Unofficially] commenced with phenomenal feedback thus far.

For the first month, we’ve strictly limited sessions to 2 per week to ensure our systems are in place to make to make each and every session far more valuable than the price.

As we expand into the full mentoring operation, we’ll let all IP students know via email :)

Join our free membership and receive your first two trading lessons on the house here! 

September 18, 2016



Ask yourself…do you really believe you can achieve all the goals on your list? If you paused to think even for a second your chances of making them happen are much slimmer. Unwavering self-confidence and a solid belief system are characteristics of everyone that is where you aim to be. Drop the word can’t from your vocabulary and what your life change. Your only limitations are those you believe to be true.

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September 18, 2016

You Miss 100%


Are you holding yourself back from trying because you’re scared of failing? By doing this you have already failed- you have NO chance of success in any area without an attempt. What’s worse failing, learning and trying again or being stuck in the same place for the rest of your life because you were too scared to even take the first step?

September 18, 2016

Live Trader Stats


Our head day trader, Irek Piekarski, recently polled the Live Trader community to ask subscribers who’s been able to quit their job since August 2015 when the Live Trader program launched… Here’s the results!

Infinite Prosperity: Live Trader is the most in-depth coaching program we offer, consisting of 7-8 hours of open-desk live trading sessions and market analysis every week.

The community is not open to the public, and not even open to most IP students. Platinum membership status is required before joining.

The group is small, but the results are massive.


September 5, 2016

How are you spending your free time?

I am often approached by people who say they really want a change in their life but that they just can’t seem to make it happen. The first thing I ask them is how are you spending your free time? What people do in their free time is often the difference between those who are successful (by their own definition of the word) and those that never seem to break out of mediocrity.

We all have to start somewhere so obviously in the beginning of your journey majority of your time is going to be filled up with a regular job where you exchange your time for money. I started this way working at a bank and Lewis began as an electrician many years ago. Unless you’ve been hustling since you were very young most people start working in a regular job, realise they want more from life and then go on to make the necessary changes. So it’s safe to say that for most people in the beginning stages most of your time is dedicated to work.

It’s not what you do 9-5 that matters, it’w how you spend your 5-9 that will get you ahead.

But what are you doing with your free time? While some people are making full use of their free time (like Lewis and myself did) and spend it learning, practicing and creating to shorten the period of time your 9-5 is required; I find that most people who say they want to make a change are still watching TV each night or spending time on tasks that are unnecessary or could be easily outsourced.

If you’re truly motivated and inspired to change your life and you have compelling enough “why” driving you…there’s no way in hell that you’re going to be keeping up with the Kardashians instead of pursuing your dreams. Changing your life means changing your habits. If you’re finding it hard to remain motivated and often fall back into mediocre thought and action patterns it’s a sure sign that you don’t have a strong enough “why”.

Which brings me to my point. Find out WHY you want to change. “because I want more from life” or “because I hate my job” isn’t a specific or compelling enough reason. You need to get crystal clear on exactly why you want to change, what that will mean for you and your family, how you will feel once you achieve certain milestones, when you will hit certain targets, how you’re going to implement change into your daily routine and truly understand with every fibre of your being WHY you NEED to change (not simply why it would be nice to).

Contentment breeds mediocrity.

Although I’m a huge advocate for being grateful for absolutely everything you have at this present moment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put yourself in a mindset of utter discomfort to remain at the same level in life. If you cherish time with your family do that and appreciate the time you currently have, but also use the lack of it as the motivation to push you toward achieving more. You need to be uncomfortable with how you’re currently living life as well as have a strong enough and clear enough “why” if you expect to truly achieve lasting change.

If any of this resonates with you then turn the TV off and do some soul searching. First develop your why, then develop your plan, then spend as much of your free time as possible implementing that plan. Life will become much more fulfilling, exciting, challenging and prosperous…It certainly did for me.

When you put yourself in a position of power you’re able to not only change your own life, but the lives of those around you. We all have unique talents and gifts to share with the world which many fail to provide as they’re stuck playing on the sidelines of life. Stop justifying your current mediocre situation to yourself and get uncomfortable. Those who are prepared to do this are those destined for great things.

Happy Monday All xx

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August 28, 2016

Be The 1%


According to … If you make more than $32,500 USD per year… you’re in the top 1% of income earners on earth.

It amazes me how many people band together in the 99% to attack and criticize those in the 1%.

If you’re in the 99%, chances are that someone in the 1% employs you. Their ideas, their systems, their business, their risk, their vision, and their belief in your ability to help them is putting food on the table tonight.

Now, are there some members of the 0.000001% who have dreams of global monopolization? Are some of them behind products and industries that potentially suppress human expansion and evolution?

Sure. Maybe!

But firstly, don’t forget to take into consideration all the “good” that these apparently “evil” people do.

And secondly, don’t fool yourself into thinking that your whining and moaning will do a thing to create positive change in the world. It won’t.

Want to create real change in the world? Guess what, you’ll probably have to join the 1% to generate enough power. Wise not to judge them too harshly.

“No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money as well.” – Margaret Thatcher

August 28, 2016

Active Trader Prep

An Active Trader student of ours taking his trading business seriously. Printed checklists, note taking. This is what we love seeing. This is what it takes to succeed in ANY business.

Are you dabbling? Or are you doing whatever it takes?

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